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"People with Down syndrome have unique health needs that can effectively be addressed with a naturopathic functional approach. Helping families realize their child's potential is my passion." 

I'm Dr. Candace Mathers, naturopathic doctor and mother of two amazing kids, one of whom has Down syndrome. Having a child with Down syndrome has made learning how to best support individuals with Down syndrome one of my life's passions.

With naturopathic medicine, I have helped people with Down syndrome and their families realize their full potential and begin to enjoy a full and healthy life.

Your child with Down syndrome can thrive with naturopathic medicine. Let me show you how!

Why Down Syndrome Health?

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Whoever says that Down syndrome is a genetic disorder and nothing can be done to mitigate the effects of having an extra chromosome is very much misinformed!

Medical science and academic research has given the disciplines of epigenetics and nutrigenomics and there has been a lot of research about the underlying mechanisms that cause Down syndrome to have a deleterious effect on the individual.

Gene's encode for proteins which, when made, have an effect on the body. This effect can be either beneficial or detrimental. 

Although we can't effectively get rid of or turn off the activity of the genes on the extra 21st chromosome of individuals with Down syndrome yet, naturopathic medicine can support the body and mind with specialized nutrition, cognition enhancement, endocrine support, lifestyle change, and so much more!

Naturopathic tele-health consultations are the way of the future with high quality personalized whole-person recommendations delivered straight to you via video chat! 


Whether you are at home or work, whether your son with Down syndrome is being stubborn and doesn't want to get out of bed, whether your daughter with Down syndrome is having yet another meltdown, or whether the weather is just plain awful, a holistic tele-health consultation can bring help straight to you!


At Life Blossom Wellness, we believe that our bodies were made to be healthy and a holistic approach with naturopathic medicine can help make that happen. If your child isn't feeling his/her best, there is a reason why. We would love to help you get to the root cause.


No matter where you or your child with Down syndrome is on their health journey, you don't have to do this alone. It's challenging enough to be a special needs parent, let us help your child thrive! A holistic tele-health consultation will not only empower you to take charge of your family's health but will also change your family's life. 

Dr. Mathers' passion for caring for individuals with Down syndrome came about with the pre-natal diagnosis and birth of her daughter with Down syndrome.


Unable to accept that her daughter wouldn't be able to excel in life and that she just had to "accept the way she is", she poured herself into the study of Down syndrome while attending naturopathic medical school. 

She uses nutrition, lab work, supplements, diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, botanical preparations and medicines, and many more modalities to help people with Down syndrome thrive. 

Your child is a unique blessing and he deserves to experience the best life possible!

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"Dr. Mathers is a sweet, caring professional who will go above and beyond to take excellent care of her patients. Thank you Dr. Mathers"


"You are in gentle, capable hands when you are cared for by Dr. Mathers"


"Dr. Candace seeks to know her patient as a person, their medical issues and is dedicated to lifelong learning so as to apply her medical knowledge and skills effectively...for the benefit of her patient. I am very grateful for my health improvements while in Dr. Candace's care. "

-D. L.

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