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Natural Telehealth Coaching Individualized for Your Needs in the Comfort of Your Home

Imagine what you can accomplish with less pain, less anxiety, complete mental clarity, or less fatigue. How would your life look if you had more energy, more focus, more clarity,

and more hope?

What would you be able to accomplish? What goal would you finally achieve? What dream would you finally be able to make come true?

I'm Dr. Candace Mathers, a naturopathic doctor and owner of Life Blossom Wellness, an innovative solution to transform your health and life.


We offer custom one-on-one telehealth consultations via video chat from the comfort of your home. This means that we take the time to go into your health issues in-depth. No cookie cutter health approach here!

No two people are exactly the same. So why should your approach to health be the same as everyone else's?

Although we are based in Carol Stream, IL, Life Blossom Wellness offers telehealth coaching to the Northwest Chicago suburbs and beyond. We are passionate about helping you change your health and experience life at a whole new level!


Our Mission is to encourage, empower, and inspire you to take control of your life and health so that you can experience greater freedom to live life the way you want to!

If you are struggling to be who you want to be because your health is holding you back and you're tired of doing it alone, we'd love to help! Make an appointment now to see how we can offer natural health solutions personalized for you!


At Life Blossom Wellness, we want your health to bloom!

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 Lose Weight and Feel Better Than You've Felt in Years 

Most of us have struggled to lose a few pounds at some time in our lives but when your weight has become a source of significant stress and potential poor health, there is help.


Although many health professionals will say that weight loss is as simple eat less, workout more, it's not really that easy. There are many conditions that can make weight loss more challenging for you. 

Here at Life Blossom Wellness, we recognize the delicate balance of the emotional and physical that comes with sustained weight loss and healthy eating habits.


We will look at your whole picture to get to the root cause of your weight struggles, a core principle of naturopathic medicine. Underlying thyroid issues, poor microbiome, food sensitivities, medications, and even stress can and do play a huge role in how successful you are with losing weight!


A natural telehealth consultation is just what you need to get  into the best shape of your life, physically and emotionally since weight loss involves just as much emotional and metal work as it does physical.


Our passion is to help you find the underlying cause of your weight struggles and help you achieve your goal of a happier healthier you!

Help Your Child with Down Syndrome Soar to New Heights

We here at Life Blossom Wellness believe that people with Down Syndrome are amazing individuals who deserve love and respect like everyone else. While social acceptance of individuals with Down Syndrome is improving, there is still much that needs to be done in regards to their health and well being.


Because of their unique genetics and the physiological burden of having an extra chromosome, people with Down Syndrome require individualized care that focuses on the whole person. 

Naturopathic medicine can help. While it is true that Down Syndrome can't be cured and genes can't be changed, there is a lot that can be done to help individuals with Down Syndrome live healthier lives.

As a naturopathic doctor and a mom to a daughter with Down Syndrome, Dr. Candace has seen the beneficial effects of naturopathic medicine first hand. 

Children with special needs deserve to be at their best and as a parent, it can be hard to understand what your child needs to thrive. Seeing your child struggling or not getting the care he or she deserves can be heartbreaking. 

It can also be a challenge if you feel that your health care provider isn't listening to you when it comes to deciding a path to make your child healthier.


Let us help! A individualized natural telehealth consultation will allow us to work with you to create a whole person path to wellness for your child that will help him or her achieve his or her greatest potential.

Get Rid of Brain Fog, Fatigue, and Mood Disorders and Experience Mental Clarity and Joy
Telehealth Consultations Available

Telehealth consultations are the way of the future with high quality individualized naturopathic recommendations delivered straight to you via video chat! 


Whether you are at home or work, whether you're in pain and can't get out of bed, whether your son is having yet another meltdown, or whether the weather is just plain awful, a telehealth consultation can bring naturopathic medicine straight to you a personal via video chat! 


At Life Blossom Wellness, we believe that our bodies were made to be healthy and naturopathic medicine can help make that happen. If you aren't feeling your best, there is a reason why. We would love to help you get to the root cause.


No matter where you are on your health journey, you don't have to do it alone. A natural telehealth consultation will not only empower you to take charge of your health but also change your life. 


Let your health bloom with

Life Blossom Wellness!

Anxiety, depression, brain fog, and many other mood disorders can steal so much joy and purpose from your life, leaving you feeling like a shell of who you used to be. Why suffer alone?

Let us help guide you to health with personalized natural health coaching through Life Blossom Wellness! Diet plays an invaluable role in healing your moods because of the well established gut-brain connection. Let us show you how great you can really feel!

While brain fog awareness is increasing, there are still many health professionals who disregard those who suffer from it. This is unfortunate because brain fog has a wide variety of causes ranging from physiological like iron deficiency anemia and under active thyroid to lifestyle like poor stress management and lack of sleep.

Mood disorders can sometimes be managed with medication but all too often you may find that the medication isn't working as well as it used to. A naturopathic telehealth appointment can help. 

Naturopathic doctors are trained to get to the root cause of an issue whether it be brain fog, depression, anxiety, or any other concern. We see disorders as a sign that something is out of balance in the body.


With thorough naturopathic telehealth coaching, we will work with you to find out the root cause of your brain fog and mood disorder and explore options to better help your body and brain to heal.

Incorporating the right amount of lifestyle modification and exercise, with the best diet and supplements can have you feeling back to normal or even better!

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