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Down syndrome Mental Health May Newsletter 2021

May 2021 Down syndrome Mental Health Newsletter. Learn about the link between Alzheimers and Down syndrome. Read about Down syndrome disintegration disorder and try out our new tasty recipe.

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June 2021 Newsletter Summer Edition

Learn about easy to heal the gut for your child with special needs and check out our tasty recipe section.

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Vitamin D and Respiratory Viral Illnesses

Did you know that vitamin D can affect the immune system and help prevent against respiratory viral illnesses?

Check out this fun graphic to learn more about vitamin D, the immune system, and respiratory illnesses

Vitamin D and respiratory Illness.png

Supporting the Immune System in Down syndrome April 2021 Newsletter

Learn about immune support options for individuals with Down syndrome. Learn to combat Covid and more with this informative newsletter.

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Healing the Thyroid Naturally Checklist

Learn how to heal the thyroid gland with natural options in this easy to use checklist.

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Kickstart Your Health EBook

If you're ready for some easy actionable tips to get healthy, then download this free ebook and kickstart your health and wellness

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