There was once a boy who lived in a valley at the foot of a tall mountain. Each day he would look up to the top of the mountain and dream about standing at the top. The villagers would tell him that he was crazy to dream of such a thing. "No one has ever left the valley and no ever will," they would say. But his mother would say "to get to the top of the mountain, you must take the first step."


As the years went by, the young boy became a man. He rarely dreamed of standing on the mountaintop and he dared not even look towards it anymore for fear of ridicule from the villagers. His mother watched as his dream of standing on the mountaintop faded and her heart began to break.

The more her heart broke, the sicker she became.

One day, his mother became very ill. As the young man sat by her bedside, she said "my son, I need your help. Without medicine, I will die. I need you to go and get a special flower for me, a flower that only blooms at the top of the mountain. With this flower, I can make the medicine I need to save my life. Will you do this for me, my son?" 

Heartbroken, the son agreed. Late that night, when all of the other villagers went to sleep, the young man  set off towards the mountain top.

The journey was hard. It was fraught with dangers. Many times, he was hungry and thirsty. His body ached from the upwards climb, and the isolation of the mountains almost drove him mad. The cold chilled him to the bone but whenever he thought about turning back, he thought of his sick mother.


After a long journey, the young man reached the top of the mountain. He saw a cave which emitted a warm glow of firelight. He stepped into the cave where he saw an old wise man. The man looked up at him. "I've been waiting for you," he said softly. "Do you have the special flower? My mother needs it for medicine," the young man blurted out. "Ahhh, " said the wise man handing the young man a flower. "Is this what you seek?"

The young man examined the flower. It was nothing more than a lotus. "No, I need a special flower, one that gives life," he said. The wise man nodded. "You seek the Life Blossom but you have already found it." The young man didn't understand and remained silent. "The Life Blossom," explained the wise man, "is no flower. It is the realization that you are meant to fulfill your true potential."