"Dr. Candace seeks to know her patient as a person, their medical issues and is dedicated to lifelong learning so as to apply her medical knowledge and skills effectively...for the benefit of her patient. I am very grateful for my health improvements while in Dr. Candace's care. "

-Dorene L.

Dr Mathers is a sweet, caring professional who will go above and beyond to take excellent care of her patients. Thank you Dr Mathers

-Colleen M

Once again it’s cold and flu season and my two year old daughter has been the unsuspecting host for one of them. Normally she stays sick for about a week with a lingering cough. However, I contacted Dr. Mathers and was given suggestions for a few natural remedies. In two days she was back to her normal vibrant self, and the cough had all but disappeared in that same amount of time! Dr. Mathers is a life saver! She really cares about her patients and gives great natural advice that really works!

-Debra R.

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