Your Child With Down Syndrome Needs This Supplement to Beat Covid

Covid is still a very real concern for those of us with children with Down syndrome. As the USA and other parts of the world open up and are adjusting to the "new normal" of mask wearing and social distancing, you still may not feel safe.

Maybe your child with Down syndrome won't or can't wear a mask.

I know my daughter with DS will only wear them for so long before she removes them.

Maybe your child lacks social inhibition and you find it hard to stop him from contacting or approaching strangers in public.

After all, people with Down syndrome are known to be extremely friendly and outgoing.

Maybe you're just plain tired of staying indoors and you want your child to have some sort of social interaction but you're weary of him/her catching COVID.

If you can relate to feeling this way, I get it.

After months of social distancing and for some, social isolation, it can seem unbearable but necessary to continue to social isolate to keep your child safe.

While prevention by using proper social distancing measures, good hygiene, and even better nutrition is absolutely key to keeping healthy, there is a super supplement that can boost your child's immune system and help him/her fight COVID more effectively.

What's this super supplement?


Glutathione is an endogenous (body made) molecule that is crucial for maintaining good health.

In fact, it has intracellular (inside the cell) concentrations just as high as glucose (commonly called blood sugar) and cholesterol.

Clearly, this is an important molecule.

Among the crucial jobs of glutathione is free radical scavenging and detoxification.

Free radicals are unpaired electrons that can cause cell damage, leading to premature aging and illness.

Glutathione helps to prevent cellular damage which often precedes even more serious complications like ß-amyloid plaque deposition which leads to Alzheimers (common in the DS community).

Glutathione also helps to detoxify foreign substances like pharmaceutical drugs and pesticides on the food we eat. It is essential in detoxifying environmental pollutants.

Glutathione is made in the liver which means that liver health is paramount for people with Down syndrome.

Unfortunately people with Down syndrome have a higher incidence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and higher oxidative stress in the liver [1] which impairs the production of glutathione making the need for this master antioxidant even greater.

With less glutathione production or even a fran