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Learning to Heal with a Whole Person Centered Approach to Health

Updated: May 26, 2023

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"You are what you eat". This used to be a huge saying years ago but now you rarely hear it at all. If you look at the health recommendations and advise of today's giant companies, you'll find what pills to take for what ills you have but diet, nutrition, lifestyle, stress, and other lifestyle saving advise is sorely lacking.

In fact, many people have been led to believe that they can eat whatever they want and still be healthy as long as they take their prescribed medication.

The truth is that health doesn't come from a pill. It doesn't just come from diet either. Eating well is surely a foundational tool to being healthy but true health comes in a whole-person centered approach.

What does this mean?

This means that being healthy is multifaceted. I'm no means anti-medication but we have reached a place in our society where medication is the ONLY way, the ONLY route to management.

Not even healing anymore but management.

When have you ever heard your doctor say that you can Gert rid of your blood pressure medication or your diabetes medication?

It doesn't happen anymore.

What's even more concerning is that medical procedures are being mandated by jobs and workplaces that have absolutely no concept or understanding of health.

This has to change!

As a society, we have lost our way. The vast majority of American adults (2/3) are overweight or obese with those numbers climbing yearly. Our children don't fare any better. 1 in 6 kids are now obese in America.

And this is despite following the diet recommendations and advice from "experts" that tell you to follow a template that emphasizes large portions of grains and processed foods.

The time for letting someone else take control of your health is gone. If we, as a nation, continue to follow the advice of food and drug companies, then we will no longer have our health.

What should you do?

Learn to see health through a whole person lens.

Health is multi-faceted. You can't be healthy is you're eating right but your under chronic unresolved stress. You can't be healthy if you're not under stress but you're not getting enough sleep. You can't be healthy if you're sleeping but not getting enough physical activity.

You body is interconnected. What happens to one part affects the whole.

So let's start seeing health as a whole instead of the pill for an ill approach.

We've give this approach enough time to see that it just doesn't work.

What does work? Changing the way you eat, sleep, move, and even think! This is how a whole person centered approach to health works.

If you're ready to change your life but you need a little help, schedule an appointment today and see how a whole person centered approach to health will transform you!

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Are you ready to use a whole person centered approach to health?

Book a free 15 minute appointment to see how naturopathic medicine can help you!

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