Top 10 Kid-Friendly Immune System Boosting Supplements

Updated: Feb 8

Colorful Pills Photo by Michael Parzuchowski for Unsplash

In today's day and age, you really have to sift through the information that you find on the internet to see if it is relevant or even helpful. For example, in 2020, there was a lot of misinformation going around from the conventional medical establishment that said that perfectly acceptable herbs weren't good for certain viruses.

This frustrated me to no end. First, because the people disseminating this information wasn't even trained in herbal medicine (MDS don't get herbal medicine training, nor do they get nutrition training) and second, because the information was just plain untrue!

The confusion came from a 2001 article detailing the increase in inflammatory cytokines from an elderberry supplement. While elderberry does have the potential to increase inflammatory cytokines, it is actually extremely helpful in the initial stages of viral illness [1].

Because of this confusion surrounding herbs and supplements in general, I decided to write up an easy-to-use reference blog post for the top 10 kid-friendly supplements to boost the immune system.

These supplements were chosen for their ease in dosing, availability, safety profile in kids, and taste!

Please note: Dr. Candace Mathers is not affiliated with any of the below companies nor did she receive any compensation for writing and recommending these products.

Remember to talk to your local naturopathic doctor before starting any supplement regimen. To purchase any of these supplements, head on over to our online dispensary where you can make a free account to receive discounts on high quality professional supplements!

Immunoberry Liquid by Designs for Health

I absolutely LOVE this product! It has so many immune-boosting ingredients and is yummy to boot! Immunoberry Liquid contains elderberry as its base.

Elderberry has a strong proven track record of kicking virus butt especially the influenza virus by preventing flu virus replication [2]. Elderberry also has some antibacterial activity against certain strains of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria [3]. This makes elderberry a perfect addition to any immune support routine.

Immunoberry Liquid doesn't just stop with elderberry. It also adds in astragalus, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herb that also boosts both cellular (T-cells) and humoral (antibody) immunity [4].

But that isn't all. Immunoberry Liquid also includes heavy-hitting immune support like shitake, maitake mushrooms, and ß-glucans which stimulate the immune system [5]. It also contains wild cherry bark which contains powerful antioxidants, antimicrobial, and pain relieving properties [6].

Immunoberry Liquid mixes in some tasty glycerine and you have the perfect kid-friendly immune-boosting supplement!

2. Garden for Life Chewable Probiotics

Everyone knows that probiotics are good for gut health but did you know that they are also great for boosting the immune system?

Probiotics help to improve immune system function in a number of different ways. These ways include competing for nutrients that harmful bacteria usually use and preventing harmful bacteria from infecting cells by adehering to the body's cells. Probiotics also interact with immune cells like macrophages and T and B lymphocytes [7].

The Garden of Life probiotics includes strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. These strains are some of the most studied probiotics for immune system regulation and support [8].

Add in vitamin C, vitamin D, and some tasty whole cranberry fruit and you have a great tasting easy to chew probiotic that will help boost your child immune system year round!

Note: you should rotate probiotic strains every 3 months to prevent any adverse effects or overcolonization .

3. Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D Liquid

Speaking of vitamin D, Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D liquid is a game changer for immune system boosting!