6 Ways Naturopathic Medicine Will Change Your Life for Good

Updated: Oct 28

When you think of naturopathic medicine, what comes to mind? Long-haired hippies dancing under the moonlight? A crooked backed witch bent over a cauldron? A white coated snake oil salesman?

Nothing at all?

From my experience, the most common reaction I get when I tell someone new that I'm a naturopathic doctor is "what?" or, the ever lovely, "huh?"

Let's face it. Most people have an idea of what functional medicine is. Most know about integrative medicine. Most people even have an idea (however vague) of what holistic medicine is, but no one has a clue about naturopathic medicine.

If you don't have an idea of what naturopathic medicine is, I won't go over the amazingness of it in this post since I've already done it here, but I will give you 6 ways naturopathic medicine will change the way you approach life for good.

1: Naturopathic Medicine Helps You Realize Your Responsibility

Everyone likes to feel powerful but not everyone wants to shoulder the responsibility needed to feel empowered.

Naturopathic medicine changes that mindset.

When you see a naturopathic doctor, you're going to rapidly realize that there is no quick fix to long lasting health.

Naturopathic medicine is active medicine. Your naturopathic doctor will require you to make changes that will directly impact your health.

You soon realize that no one, not your doctor, or your boss, or your insurance company, or even your mother (unless you're a minor), but you is in charge of your health.

You begin to understand that your naturopathic doctor is a partner who works with you to get you feeling your best, not the one responsible for your well being.

Realizing that you have the responsibility to get yourself healthy makes you feel empowered.

2: When You See That it's up to You, You Become Empowered

When you realize that you have power over your health, you begin to extend that mindset to other areas of your life.

You don't make enough money? You ask for a raise.

You miss your family?

You tell your boss that you're cutting back on the hours spent at work.

You don't like the way a new relationship is going? You cut it off with no regrets.

You begin to stand up for yourself and make your mark on the world. Your confidence soars as you see yourself as a valuable member of society.