4 Surprising Ways Naturopathic Medicine is Cheaper than Conventional Medicine

So you finally decided to take the plunge and go see a naturopathic doctor.

Excited and a bit anxious, you pick up the phone to make an appointment. The voice on the other end is kind, cheerful even.

You tell her that you are interested in scheduling an appointment and she tells you what to expect.

After explaining the process of a naturopathic visit, she asks if you have any questions. Of course you do.

The number one question on your mind is: How much will this cost?

After hearing the whopping "initial consult fee" which can range anywhere from 200$ to 600$+, you hang up the phone and decide that you just can't afford naturopathic medicine (no matter how much you want it).

This is a common feeling among people who have to pay out-of-pocket for naturopathic medicine. In states where naturopathic medicine is licensed, often there is insurance coverage. In states where naturopathic medicine is yet to be licensed, there usually isn't.

Is naturopathic medicine worth the initial out-of-pocket investment? Is it better to stick with conventional treatments that may not cure but keep you functioning?

If you've been considering seeing a naturopathic doctor but are intimidated by the cost, then read on for 4 surprising ways naturopathic medicine is cheaper than conventional medicine.

1. A reduced need for pharmaceutical medicine translates into big savings.

You've been through the routine of going to the doctor, getting your prescription, going to the pharmacy and getting it filled.

As you work with your ND to implement a healthier lifestyle, the need for increased doses of your medication can decrease. In some instances, medications can be eliminated completely (always speak to your primary care provider before stopping any prescribed medication).

The less medication you need, the less you buy. The less you buy, the more you save.

In fact, with all the money you save, you can even start buying organic groceries (just kidding! We all know organic is expensive, but well worth it! I digress...)

Working with your ND will definitely make you healthier, and even if you do have to continue with your prescribed medications, you'll see savings elsewhere.

Which brings me to point number 2.

2. As you get healthier your insurance premiums will get lower

It pays to be healthy... in more ways than one! When you work with your naturopathic doctor to cure illness instead of maintain it, you'll get healthier quicker. Your new found health is not only reflected in how good you look and feel.

It shows up as lowered cholesterol and hemoglobin A1c readings from your annual lab work. It shows up as a lowered blood pressure and lighter weight on the scale.