Top 10 Ideas for a Novel Candy Free Easter Basket

Easter basket with pastel eggs
Easter Basket

Easter is almost here! For those who celebrate, there is an excitement in the air as we await all of the festivities. For parents young children, there is always a dilemma when it comes to giving the "perfect" Easter basket.

We want our children to enjoy the holiday but at the same time, many of us worry about the amount of candy and sugar consumption associated with the holiday. Full disclaimer: I'm going to give my children candy on Easter. While some may think this is not very "naturopathic" of me, I'm confident in my choice.

My children don't get candy on a regular basis and when they do it is very limited. For example, last year on Halloween, I took the kids trick or treating and we had a blast. They got a bucket full of candy and enjoyed dressing up.

When we got home, I turned the lights down low and let them pick out 6 candies. They ate their candy, while I told them some kid appropriate scary stories. Throughout the coming weeks, I allowed them 2 candies a day. By the time Thanksgiving came around, they had forgotten about the candy and there was still a bucket full of it. I ended up throwing it out in early January the following year because they had stopped asking for it and there was still candy left.

For those parents who feel that they want to completely eliminate sugar from their child's diet for health or medical reasons, here are 10 ideas that can help you sweeten your child's Easter basket without any sweets.

1. Kites.

Everyone loves a kite! With the winter weather giving way to a warm spring, a kite is the perfect Easter basket stuffer. It's gets your children outdoors and allows for a rather laid back family fun activity. Bonus points if you get your child a kite of their favorite characters. My son is getting a Bumblebee Transformers kite and my daughter got a Cinderella one.

Child playing with slime
Child playing with slime

2. Slime

Slime is always a fun way to fill an Easter basket. There are many different types of slime available from fluffy slime to oozy slime. Kids love them all. Make sure to take your time in choosing the best types of slime for your child depending on any sensory issues he/she may have and his/her personal preference. My children are getting this brightly colored fluffy slime that I got on amazon. I love that each slime color has it's own container for safe keeping after play. As a bonus, 3 little squishy toys came with it which I know the kids will love.

3. Washable Window Markers

I was given this idea by my daughter's physical therapist. Thanks Anna! These markers are designed to work on glass surfaces. So you can breathe easy when you see you're child playing Picasso on the patio door. The best thing about these markers is that they can be washed off with a spritz of windex and a paper towel.

4. A Gift Card

While markers and slime are great Easter basket stuffers for younger kids, older kids might not feel so enthusiastic about reaching these as a gift. Here's where a gift card comes in. Give them the gift to get whatever it is that they really want whether it be music or games. As an aside, I do find games to be a bit addictive, perhaps just as addictive as sugar, but that's for another time in another post. While a gift card may seem to be a bit lazy or impersonal to some, it can be a life saver for a hard-to-shop-for teen.

Plastic card with a bow on it