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Offering Affordable Immune Support for Challenging Times Only 


For a Limited Time Only. Offer expires August 6th!

The world seems unstable and scary right now.

You and your family's health is at the forefront of your mind.

Personalized Immune Support

delivered in a safe telehealth format by

Life Blossom Wellness was created to address

your fears and help put your mind at ease.

Let us help you.

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Are you...

  • Nervous about current events?


  • Scared of what will happen next?

  • Wondering what you will do if you or your family get sick?

  • Curious about if there is anything more you can do to stay healthy?

  • Interested in keeping your immune system as healthy as possible?


  • Tired of not having any other options to protect your health?

A strong and healthy immune system can put your mind at ease.

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How Can Personalized Immune Support Help Me?

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There are between 1 to 10 million microorganisms in each gram of soil and similar numbers exist when it comes to plants and animals! 

This means that you are exposed to a lot of different microbes every day and your body must find a way to protect you from the harmful ones.



The immune system is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting you from foreign invaders like bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 

When your immune system is healthy and thriving, there is less chance that you will get sick but when it is weakened, pathogens an foreign invaders, have a much greater chance to infect the body.

What weakens the immune system?

Did you know that the way you live can either build up or break down your immune system? The foods you eat, the amount of movement you have in your daily routine, and even your emotions can keep your immune system healthy or weaken it.

For example, eating refined sugar depresses the immune system for hours or longer while increasing exercise can help flush microbes out of the lungs and prevent illness.

But how can personalized holistic telehealth immune support help me?

Personalized immune support takes your unique health history and habits into account when working to strengthen your immune system.

Personalized immune support is tailored to your needs and health concerns. If you have an allergy to a certain herb family, we can identify effective and gentle alternatives. If you have a diet insufficient in vitamin C, for instance, then we could recommend a more readily absorbed of vitamin C and/or a higher dosage.

Information on social media and the internet can't give you the individualized support you need and rarely even address the mental/emotional aspects that contribute to immune system health. That's why we created our personalized holistic immune support plan.

What's Included?

Our Immune Support Plan includes:


  • A 15 minute telehealth appointment via secure video chat. No need to get dressed to go to the doctor's office and wait for your appointment! 


  • Personalized recommendations that are unique to your specific lifestyle and health history. No cookie cutter plans here! You have unique health needs and we understand.


  • Your Recommendations sent straight to your inbox with modalities including( but not limited to) supplements like vitamins, minerals, diet and nutrition support, and lifestyle modification


  • Access to our vast online dispensary filled with high quality supplements. 


  • For A Limited Time: 20% supplement orders through our online dispensary!

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Who Are You?

Life Blossom Wellness is a telehealth coaching service founded by Dr. Candace Mathers, ND, MSAc, a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist. She helps clients on their journey to health and wellness holistically by addressing the root cause of symptoms.

Who Is This For?

Our Immune Support Plan is for anyone who wants to focus on improving and optimizing the health of their immune system through working with a licensed and knowledgeable natural health professional.

What Can I Expect With a Telehealth Appointment?

You may be a bit apprehensive with your first appointment but there's no need to be! Telehealth is the future of medicine, health, and wellness. Approximately 5-10 minutes before your first appointment, you will receive a link via the email that you made your appointment with that will invite you to join in on a video chat platform. Once you click the link and enter the chat, you will have a video chat with Dr. Mathers who will listen to your health concerns and give you personalized recommendations to support your immune health. All recommendations discussed will then be emailed to you along with a link to the Life Blossom Wellness online dispensary where you have the option of purchasing supplements at 20% off. All appointments are conducted through the free Zoom app.

Will an Immune Support Appointment Prevent a COVID19 Infection?

While we make no guarantee, that you will never be infected with COVID19 because of our services, boosting the immune system has been scientifically proven to help lessen the likelihood of getting viral and bacterial infections. The goal of our immune support plan is to help keep you as healthy as possible.

Why Should I Book With You When I Can Get Information Online?

Information online can be misleading at best or damaging at worst. People who are untrained in naturopathic, functional, or holistic medicine often make claims that are not backed by scientific research and this can be harmful. Additionally a personalized immune support plans takes into account your whole person and recommendations can be tailored specifically to your unique health needs.

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