A Personalized Natural Approach to

Down Syndrome Health

People with Down syndrome often don't receive the whole person centered personalized natural approach to their health that they need. 

As a naturopathic doctor and Down syndrome mom, it's my passion to change that.

Did you know that your child can absolutely have a better quality of life with a naturopathic approach?


How can naturopathic medicine help your child with Down syndrome? 



Nutritional Support: 

Lifestyle Changes:


People with Down syndrome often have unique nutritional needs that are due to the effect of having an extra chromosome. I can help you navigate the confusing world of food allergies, food sensitivities, and genetic polymorphisms with easy-to-follow recommendations about what kinds of foods are helpful for people with Down syndrome.

Getting your child to be more active, de-stress, or go to sleep at a reasonable time can be a challenge but making these changes are essential to helping your child with Down syndrome thrive. I can walk with you through this journey towards a happy and healthy child.

With the proper supplementation, people with Down syndrome can reach their full potential. The effects that an extra chromosome has on the body can be devastating without the proper support. I can help you understand why supplementation is often needed in people with Down syndrome and help you choose which supplements would work best for your child based off of his lab work and symptoms. 

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