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Healthy DS Kids: Immune Strong, A Natural Approach to no more Sniffles, Sneezes, and Sicknessess


7$ Through Oct31st Only (97$ Value)



About the Course

This course is packed with easy actionable steps to give your child with Down syndrome a health boost and fast! Dr. Candace Mathers explains the science of Down syndrome health and naturopathic medicine in a down-to-earth way that is easy to understand and helps you know the WHY behind the recommendations.

This course covers the biggest areas that cause challenges to immune system health in individuals with Down syndrome: diet, lifestyle choices, stress management, and supplementation. After taking this course, you will be able to give your child a huge boost to their immune system while at the same time understanding what you are doing and why.

Course Overview:
Module 1- Introduction
Module 2-What is the Immune System and Why is it Affected in People with Down syndrome?
Module 3- Diet Considerations for Immune Health
Module 4- Lifestyle Considerations for Immune Health: Exercise, Outdoors, Stress Management
Module 5- Immune System Boosting Supplements

This course was designed with you in mind. With quick lessons in both audio and video format, you can learn on the go! Each Module ends with an actionable step to get your child on the path to being immune strong.

Get ready for your child to have a healthier, stronger immune system!

Your Instructor

Dr. Candace Mathers

Dr. Candace Mathers is a licensed Naturopathic doctor, Owner of the tele-health clinic Life Blossom Wellness, and a Down syndrome mom.

She blends the latest research with the ancient power of nature to bring about a transformation in the lives of those with Down syndrome.

She believes that no two people are the same, so no two approaches to health should be the same. She uses a whole-person centered approach to Down syndrome health that incorporates healing modalities like diet, lifestyle changes, exercise, and supplementation.

With a naturopathic approach she has seen many people with Down syndrome thrive!

Dr. Candace Mathers
Testimonials for
Dr. Candace Mathers

"Dr. Candace seeks to know her patient as a person, their medical issues and is dedicated to lifelong learning so as to apply her medical knowledge and skills effectively...for the benefit of her patient. I am very grateful for my health improvements while in Dr. Candace's care. "

-D. L.

"You are in gentle, capable hands when you are cared for by Dr. Mathers" -D.R.

"First of all you have such a soothing voice that I would just close my eyes and just listen. I loved it"


"Ever since I’ve been working with you my son has been healthy. I don't know where I would be without you. Thank you so much!"


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