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An Individualized Whole Person Centered Approach to Health

Being a special needs parent is no easy feat. With the endless IEP meetings, therapies, and functions to attend, it can be downright impossible to find a balance.

Add in endless doctor's appointments and a child who is sick more often than not, and it's enough to drive any special needs parent to exhaustion.

Have you ever had a nagging feeling that your child shouldn't be this sick all the time?

Have you ever stayed up late at night worrying about your child's health, wondering what you can do to help?

Have you ever felt that there was more that could be done for your child but you weren't quite sure where to start?













If so, then I'd love to help.

I'm Dr. Candace Mathers, Naturopathic Doctor, and owner of Life Blossom Wellness, a telehealth clinic offering virtual health and wellness appointments for children with special needs with an individualized whole-person centered approach to health. 

More importantly, I am a special needs mom myself. I have 2 amazing kids, my typical son and my daughter with Down syndrome. With a naturopathic approach, I have seen my daughter thrive and it's my passion to see other children with special needs do the same!















What is naturopathic medicine?

Watch the video below to learn a little more about what naturopathic medicine is.











Can a naturopathic approach help your child with special needs?

YES! A naturopathic approach can help improve sleep, immune function, and even behaviors in a child with special needs! 


Through correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies, correcting neurotransmitter imbalances, promoting new brain cell growth, improving brain function, supporting the immune system, and addressing your child's unique needs as they arise. 

When you create the conditions for health, the body can't do anything but respond positively! This means better sleep, less behaviors, and an overall happier child (and happier you too!)

Did you know that many children with special needs have issues with digestion and gut bacteria imbalances?


Did you know that many children with special needs have brain inflammation that leads to intellectual disability?


Did you know that many children with special needs can become vitamin and mineral deficient because of an unbalanced diet?


A naturopathic approach can help change this! With specialized supplement, diet, and lifestyle  recommendations that focus on your child's individual needs, there are no cookie-cutter approaches here!


With one on one personalized telehealth appointments centered around your child's unique needs, you can start your child on the path to better sleep, a healthier diet, and lifelong wellness. 




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