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Healthy DS Kids: Immune Strong Course

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If you're a rocking parent to a homie with an extra chromie, this course is for you! People with Down syndrome are such precious gifts that bring light and joy to everyone they meet, but they do have unique health challenges due to having an extra chromosome. One of these challenges is immune system dysfunction. This means that your child with Down syndrome gets sicker quicker, longer, and with more severity. If you're frustrated with all of the hospitalizations, doctors' appointments, and having your child miss out on life due to illness, then this course is for you! Healthy DS Kids: Immune Strong, A Natural Approach to Less Sniffles, Sneezes, and Sickness is a course like no other. Developed by licensed Naturopathic doctor and Down syndrome mom, Dr. Candace Mathers, Immune Strong blends the latest findings of science with the ancient healing power of nature. Immune Strong doesn't just offer a band-aid when it comes to healing but gets to the root cause of your child's health issues to bring about long term wellness. This course explains how having an extra chromosome leads to nutritional deficiencies, immune system abnormalities, and free radical damage that directly lead to illness in people with Down syndrome. But it doesn't stop there! Immune Strong also gives you the tools needed to help your child with Down syndrome beat illness through a whole person approach using diet and nutrition, lifestyle changes, and supplementation. COMING SOON!

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